Million stars up in the sky, formed a tigers eye. That looked down on my face, out of time and out of place.

- I can't drink that kind of coffee. I did it once and it all came back out, Anton tells me when I order a Coffee Frappe at the bakery here in Khao Lak. I give him a look and thank him for the very important information while sipping on my drink.

A lot of nothing and everything has happened since last time I wrote. I was at Tiger Muay Thai, training four times a day, and I kept it up for a week. Energydrink was a savior between training sessions and I want to say that I slept very good at night. But I didn't cause of the footsteps echoing from either roof, walls or, well, inside the room. Every morning when I woke up there was a fresh little pile of dirt on the floor that wasn't there the night before, making me sure it was not only imagination. But it wasn't the footsteps fault that I left one week earlier than planned. After a kick in an elbow and a kick in a knee my toe surrendered, turning blue and swollen. And pointing in the wrong direction. It was the toe making me wanting to leave Tiger Muay Thai with its great training but with poor location.

I then did something I have never done before in my travelling life. I returned back to Lamai, Koh Samui. Never have I felt the urge to go back somewhere that strong and once my toe had given up, so did my inner battles of discussions. I spent one more week in Lamai with training and some last wonderful days with my people there while the rain was pouring down.

It was once again hard to leave once the week was over. But now I was heading for new adventures, waiting for me in Bangkok. Even though the trip with taxi, minibus, bus, boat and bus once again wasn't as easy as I had anticipated, and even though my travel agency agent told me that "I worry for you! Usual only Thai, noone english. I worry! I worry for you!" I still arrived in Bangkok 16 hours later. After being completely robbed by a taxi I came to Kho san Road where I met up with Caroline, Anton, Magnus and Erling.

My trip have since then taken a turn. During this week together I have been out jogging once. But with that said I think this was/is just what my body and mind needed/needs. In Bangkok we went to a roof top bar (at Thailands highest building), went in MBK (huge shoppingcenter, noone bought anything but some coffee from Starbucks), rode a lot of Tuk Tuk (with a questionable number of people inside) and went on a real ping pong show (making me completely speachless of what the ladies manage to fit inside their bodies while my friend next to me made big applauses shouting AMAZING). 

At the time of writing I am in my hotel bed, sharing room with other people who enjoys a good tune in the toilet, in Khao Lak. Some of us are taking their Open Water Certificate, while we already certified spend the days at the beach or taking massage. Life is good.

But I should have listened to Antons coffee advise. Three hours after the warning and the entire cup of Coffee Frappe I am the one singing on the toilet. Or at least forcing my roommates to listen to music while I'm in there. 

Postat av: Mamma

Your dad has the same frappe problem, he had one in Grecce 30 years ago and he still wont have one.

2013-11-03 @ 20:05:03
Postat av: Mamma

Your dad has the same frappe problem, he had one in Grecce 30 years ago and he still wont have one.

2013-11-03 @ 20:05:03
Postat av: Hannah

isch vad drygt! men nu har ni båda lärt er det ;) ha så mysigt SÅ SES VI SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRTTT! :D

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