I have been leaving you, since the day we met. And it feels like you have too.

Cleaning out your room from your childhood means two things.
One: Your parents are selling the house you grew up in, which is tough.
Two: You have to go through all those piles of paper that have just been building up since you were six years old and started school, which is even tougher.
And it turns out that it is not only school paper you have been saving up on. I found a lollipop that I got from my very first boyfriend on Valentines day in 2002 with a paper to it saying that "This is a lollipop I got from ... on Valentines day 14th of February 2002. This note is written on 21st of December 2002, it is a liiiiiittle bit old!". Eleven years later I find the very same lollipop, just a little bit older. But still red and shiny and so tasty-looking. No, I did not eat it.
But old candy is not all I find. I have been saving Happy Birthday cards from various ages along with Merry Christmas cards. Merry Christmas cards with a some what alternative twists. Like the one I found from a very dear friend, probably sent during the time when we were addicted to Mean Girls since she signed it with "Luv Ya! The Slut". For not to mention all the lists of who liked who from the class of 2000, when we were only 10 turning 11. As you might hear I havent got that much done today, more than laughing my way through these piles of books, binders and loose papers.
Me, being back home amongst my old roots, also means that the summer of 2013 now is officially over. And you can take my lack of blogging as a proof of me having an amazing time. I dont even have words to describe the drunken and hilarious week in Mandal, or the weekend with concert, games and party with old friends that followed. I dont know where to start to tell you about the weekend when we got beautiful company from Malmö and threw the one and only party we ever had in the teeny tiny apartment me and my sister shared. What I can say is that the summer of 2013 might have been one of the best ones ever. Even if I were working as a mailman.

But here I am, in my old girl-room with a furry cat snoring next to me, about to get rid of all (almost) this old, well lets be honest, crap so my mum and dad can fit everything that is of use in their new apartment. Since I might not be here, or in this part of the world for that matters, when the moving begins I need to finish it off this week. Because from next week I will be in Thailand. I will be in Asia. For the very first time in my life. And I am going all alone.
I am tough.

Postat av: Elin

You ARE tuff!
Hade ba bäääst o va rädd om dig!

Postat av: Hannah

Tough like a bandyboll :) Thailand kommer att äga! Då får du se till att uppdatera här :) puss!

2013-09-18 @ 19:24:01
URL: http://hannahsofia.se

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