And the only boy you thought was gonna marry you died in a car accident when he was only 22.

Some moments in life you just want to freeze. You want to live in them forever and damn life that just continues. I remember sitting in a sauna in my hometowns swimming hall with my closer friends talking about life. I remember a sunday (or maybe it was any other weekday but it was most definetly a sunday mood) in Nicaragua when four of us sat by a table of a pizza restaurant, hungover like only you can be after a night with beer, nica libre and getting kicked out of the only night club open. I remember the moment when I walked through the gate at home, expecting a calm saturday night with movie, only to be surprised with a party from all (almost) the people I love going through all the holidays I had missed during my seven months travel. This weekend is also containing some of those moments. Moments when I dont question when, how or why.
It started already on Friday, straight after work, with a boxing match in the shadows of some trees with Magnus. We continued with some more people on a boat ride to an island where we cooked us some food and took a swim in the ocean. Sipped a beer in the evening sun before it started setting over the mountains. Even though I knew I had work the day after I couldn't say no to play games at midnight. Boardgames and cardgames.
On Saturday after work I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with panic that I had overslept. Threw on a black dress along with some make up before heading to Aker Brygge for an evening I didn't know what to expect. Erik, an old colleague, had his Thank you Oslo-dinner at a nice restaurant right by the water and I knew him and one more person going, We turned out to be around eight people, including Erik, with more or less only him incommon. And our humour. We didn't leave the restaurant until it was after eleven and moved on to an outside club with a dancefloor. Dancing, drinking and laughing all through the night, with all these beautiful people.
I woke up, terrified, when something walked over my chest. Phew, okay, it was only one of Erikas cats looking for company. Oslo has lately showed us that summer in Scandinavia is, in fact, possible and today the thermostat showed us over 30 degrees. Out in a park where we spent the day with ice cream, even more new people and some football. I headed home in the early evening to realise just how much parts of my body had forgotten what the sun can do to them. A little pinkish skin here, and there. Well, I guess that is normal when they havent been exposed to sun since March.
A coffee at an old friends apartment with television shows showing us that there are all kinds of people in the world. From the ones wanting to be a dog to the ones preparing for dooms day with a bunker underground and now trying to find love. A love who is willing to live with them underground when the time comes. The world, and the people, is amazing. You never stop to be surprised. 

Lately, I have had so many weekends with so many moments when everything just have been perfect. I haven't questioned life. I didn't ask why we sang our hearts out to Bonnie Tyler, raising the roof of both cars and saunas. How come we were swimming in the ocean and barbecuing marshmallows in the midnight sun. What amount of lack of sleep is too much to handle for some - mostly me.
Two weeks after I was walking home after finishing an exam that I had studied for for about four weeks. The weight was lifted of my shoulders and I was walking home, relieved and happy. So happy I was greeting people on the way home. People I later realised I dont actually know. That weekend also included so much dancing. It was dancing at a concert with my parents to dancing with my friends after free tequila and dancing on the street by my own on the way home. There was never any doubt, any questionmark hiding in the corner. 

I think we live the best when we do exactly that. Live. Whether it means on a paintball field with your friends, in a couch watching the favourites series with your sister or on a dance floor with people you just met. Those are the moments when we just exist here and now, without the worries or thoughts of what will happen next. The moments when we just want to freeze, and let everything be just the way it is right now.