As we go on we remember all the times we've had together.

With a bottle of Powerade and a bottle of swedish mustard in my bag I am once again on bus 324 heading for Laholm. Like so many times before. Taking the bus that means, not especially with these certain items in my bag.
It is amazing how so much can be different but still so much the same after four years. We haven't seen each other since graduation in 2009 and still I feel the exact same when we party together back then as yesterday. In 2013. I act just like I acted back then. I say the same things just like I said back then. I look the same just as I looked back then. But things do happen in four years, things do change. And there were some awkward silences at times.
So bring out the cards and fill up the glasses! It is time for drinking games. And those weird silent moments are getting extint as the volume of the crowd turns up. The alcohol, this modern drug, saved us and made us get more things incommon. We can continue beyond the "So what have you been up to lately?" conversations.
All of sudden, after eating sausages and meat leftovers on the kitchen floor while passing around a bottle of Sourz, the clock strikes 2 am and we decide to move out into the night. Which at 2 am never is a good idea. We are not in New Orleans - the city that truly never sleeps and you can go out and buy baking soda at 2 am. We are in Halmstad where most of the bars and clubs close around 2, 2:30.
We end up on the streets outside some bars, talking to people I haven't talked to for four years - some even more. Among them, I meet my very first kind-of boyfriend from when I was 15 years old (this is excluding the "boyfriends" when I was younger and didn't spend time with them, for example I was together with a guy for two years and we maybe hung out three times in total. Still it was a very hard break-up, even if we only were 11 years old, anyhow), who throws a 100krona bill at me with a "Go buy yourself a beer" before he disappears.
The night is coming to an end and we finish it where we started it, in Davids' apartment. The after party includes more car alarms than music and after exclaiming "But we can't go to sleep now! Now is when we start talking deep and go real" I lay my head on the pillow and drift off.


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