In time the sun is gonna shine on me nicely. Something tells me good things are coming, and I ain't gonna not believe.

I can not believe I have been travelling for 197 days, and now it is over. I have been home for three days now, probably spending most of that time in my bed. The airplane home didn't give me as much sleep as I thought - but the entertainment system did keep me entertained! It didn't only keep me entertained but also awake, for a total of 30 hours. 

Before I went home I sent some emails to my closest friends if we shouldn't hang out now when I got home. A little bit disappointed we scheduled 19th of May. I was back the 2nd. Feeling a little low I just said to myself "Of course they don't stop up their worlds or lives just beacuse I will come home". Little did I know that that was exactly what they had done.
My family tricked me away from the house with no problem or suspicions whatsoever and when only my sister and I returned back to the house I was all set for a night with chocolate, chips and The Lord of the Ring. I don't have words to describe how completely shocked I was for arriving back at the house and greated with a "SURPRICE". The house was redecorated with a long table and different decorations reminding of different holidays. The holidays I have missed being away.

It started out with my wonderful, precious glögg, before we got a real swedish christmas meal. Followed up with Valentine's day cake and Eastercandy. It was amazing. I dont have anything else to say. It was all so perfect. I'm one hell of a lucky person.


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