And those bright blue eyes can only meet mine across a room filled with people that are less important than you.

As a little girl I was afraid of a lot of things. One of my biggest fears was drowning and I had numerous of dreams where Lagan (the river) outside our house had overflown and the whole house was underwater. Because of this fear I also have been afraid of sleeping on a boat. The sea sickness that hit me everytime I entered a boat also did not help and I avoided spending time on a boat as much as possible for the first 22 years of my life.

Thankfully I have grown, and even outgrown my fear. Or maybe it is more that my interests, passions and hobbies has been more important. So important that I actually forgot my fears. This is why it was possible for me to spend four days and four nights out at sea. Living on a Liveaboard with friends spending all day diving was awesome. I managed to tackle both my sea sickness and boat-sleeping-issues.


That Coffee Frappe gave me one nasty food poisoning and four days in bed. Once I was healthy up and going my friends were certified divers. So on a Thursday evening the five of us together with two Norwegian diving instructors boarded Manta Queen III. Four dives per day refreshend my diving skills and we got to see turtle, octopuses (THEY WERE SOOO FUCKING COOOL!! Did you know they change colour? Well they DO and it is AWESOME), clown fishes and lots and lots more. It was better than I ever could imagine. And the only thing we felt that we missed were a whale shark, a manta and a fat german tourist in speedos.


Monday afternoon we were back on firm ground and the world have been rocking ever since. The feeling when sea becomes land and land becomes sea. We jumped on a minibus that took us all the way to Phuket and Patong where I would spend my very last days in Thailand. Turns out that one day were enough for me, Erling and Anton to chase a beach where we could do some windsurfing, even though there was no wind on any of the beaches we visited. And one crazy night out is enough for me to lose all common sense together with shoes, phone and clothes.

So here I am, sitting on a brown not too comfortable chair, in Subvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. My last night in Thailand I will spend on these hard chairs before I catch my flight back home at 9 o’clock. I will do one nights lay over in Oslo before I continue to Hamburg where I, one way or another, will get to Grevesmuhlen where my family awaits. I cant wrap my head around these last two month, how time just flies by. I still feel that I haven’t had enough, I am not satisfied.

The feeling of when home becomes away and away becomes home.


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