But you are just a shell of your former you. That stranger in the mirror, oh that is you. Why do you look so blue?

My toes has lost almost all their skin, the knees has turned into fifty shades of blue and purple while my nose is steadily turning more and more red (getting redder by the minute (is redder a word? It definetly should)) every day. Short said: I am enjoying the life here at Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand.
It didn't start out too good with a sore throat already after first training. The second training sent me straight to bed feeling feverish and a running nose, making breathing a little bit more of a challenge than it normally is. I missed out on one training and probably should have missed out my third one, but after some very interesting (and some might call it doubtful) throat massage and Thai pills (might have been even more doubtful since I have absolutely no idea what they are) I am now slowly starting to get better.
Sundays are the only days that are free from training and I decided together with my new Indian friend to go for some sightseeing. We went to see Big Buddha, this islands biggest landmark both figure and literally speaking with its twelwe meter high statue painted in gold. After that we stopped for some oyster brunch (definetly one of the more interesting meals I have had in my life) and I finally had my first thaibeer. Singha. Nam nam. The journey continues and we start laughing at (what we thought to be a plastic) buffalo, until it starts moving against us and we zoom off. Before going home we decide to go to a waterfall but end up riding elephants. Not only sitting on their backs while someone is "driving" no. I got to r-i-d-e an elephant. My fear of riding horses is definetly gone.
The rest of the days of the week we spend training. First session is at 7 am to 9 am and then one more in the afternoon at 5 pm to 7 pm. It is hard, it is hot and sweaty like hell and so much more different from kickboxing than I ever thought it would be. Now when they watch me shadow box some of the very many instructors gives me an easy punch in the head "This Thai box! NOT kick box!".
My toe start to burn of the blizzard that have bursted open and I am no longer able to sit down and cross one leg over the other since my knees has swollen up. Well there is only one thing I can do. Time to go to the beach.


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