So I got on a plane and flew, far away from you.

When I enter the airplane, the new Dreamline 707 (or similair), I am pleasantly surpriced. It is all brand new and with the latest entertainment system. If I were all about religion I would praise the Lord for giving us the knowledge to install entertainment systems on long flights. Now when I am anything but religious I will simply praise Norwegian Airlines for giving me a entertainment system with touch.
Earlier in the waiting area, waiting to board the plane that was steadily getting more and more late, I was losing my hopes for a nice flight. A baby, far too young to be allowed boarding an eleven hour long flight, started his/hers complaining about the family trip very loudly. The scream that would have made dead people turn over in their graves instead turned over the half-sleeping passengers waiting to board, oh no, the same plane. There was only one word on everyone's mind. Fuck.
Once I had entered the plane and found my seat my expectations were once again raised. The baby, and all the families with children that had the potention to become really annoying, were on a decent length where they were unable to disturb my up-coming engagement with the entertainment system. My neighbours seemed to interest as little in me as I in them. One of them only spoke Thai (which I actually could have used a little lesson in) while the other one couldn't really make up his mind if he should speak in Swedish, Norwegian or English to me. And I caught a glimpse of his passport that was German. When he got angry about not getting the food that he infact had not preordered or payed for I decided to not even try.
Anyhow, good neighbours leave you alone and the two of them did. It was me and the entertainment system. I was feeling very happy and satisfied with life when the airplane finally lifted off from the Norwegian soil. My anxiousness had finally let it's firm grip go off me. I was calm, feeling good and didn't mind spending the next eleven hours on the middle seat in a airplane.
Then my dearest neighbours both, at the exact same time, took off their shoes.

Suddenly it wasn't as pleasant anymore.

Postat av: Mamma

Oh poor you! Puss

2013-09-19 @ 16:19:31

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